A huge illustration for a wall in a library in Wrocław, Poland.
The wall before the workshop was like this:

At the workshop with pupils. The illustrations were printed on huge wall paper.


I also participated in the coloring / drawing workshop a little bit, and drawn some pictures on my own illustration.


Words Breaking Walls

MEDIUM: Wallpaper
CLIENT: GRUNDTVIG – EU Culture Program (EU)
YEAR: 2013


A huge illustration for a wall of Municipal Public Library in Wrocław, Poland.
This is for a coloring / drawing / painting workshop for pupils which took a place on 23.Apr.2013 (international book day). This project is a part of the “Grundtvig programs”.

The Grundtvig programs is a European funding programme that is part of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013[1] and aims to strengthen the European dimension in adult education and lifelong learning across Europe.
GRUNDTVIG im Programm für lebenslanges Lernen

I participated in this project through Lena Braun, Solaris Kunst-Förderverein Berlin e.V..